Our new discount program really rewards you if you promote regular sports, a health-conscious lifestyle and exercise among your friends and acquaintances!

From now on, you can train at half price FOREVER at Next Level Fitness!

Nothing you haven't done before!

SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES and results with your friends and come train!

Since you know and love the training experience provided by Next Level Fitness, you are the most authentic ambassador for us among your friends and acquaintances.

If they feel like training and come with you or just on their own, give your name and date of birth when registering.

If a new guest buys a pass at Next Level Fitness based on your personal recommendation; you will receive a discount card entitling you to a 50% pass discount!

So; if your friend or acquaintance buys any (1-3-6 month or annual) pass within 1 month of registration; you will receive as a gift a discount card entitling you to a 50% discount redeemable for the same type of pass – which you can redeem when purchasing your fitness pass.

Don’t forget, you get the discount per pass type – if, for example, your friend buys a 1-month pass, your 50% discount applies to the purchase of a 1-month fitness pass!

Only the purchase of a pass by a newly registered guest entitles you to a discount: i.e. 1 new training partner = 1x 50% discount.

  • The 50% pass purchase discount cannot be combined with any other discount!
  • All cards are serially numbered – we strictly keep track of their use.
  • The discount card is NOT transferable, only you can use it! Instead, you can redeem it at any time within 1 year from the date of issue.
  • If your friend bought a student pass, but you buy an adult fitness pass, you can claim a student/pensioner discount according to the current price list.
  • If your friend bought an adult pass, but you buy a student or pensioner pass, you cannot enforce the difference or carry it forward.
  • The discount does NOT apply to the START and MATINÉ type passes.
  • A new guest who has NOT purchased a gym pass since April 1, 2021 is considered a new guest.

The NLF 50% discount card promotion is valid from 11.01.2022 until withdrawn!!

Do not forget; when registering your friend, both your full name and date of birth are required in order for us to administer your discount!

If you have any questions, please contact our reception colleagues or send an e-mail to info@nextlevelfitness.hu.